Career Choices and Changes Curriculum Options for Students

Career Choices and Changes Curriculum Options for Students
Career Choices and Changes Curriculum Options for Students
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Career Choices & Changes Workbook and a License to This option provides the Career Choices & Changes workbook bundled together with a license to (This option provides the best value!)
Career Choices & Changes Online - Student Edition: This option provides all of the Career Choices & Changes course material and activities in an online format without a print workbook.
Which should you choose? If your instructor allows it, choose an option that matches your preferred mode of learning—doing all your work online or having a print version to make notes in. Before making a choice, ask yourself: Would I rather read a book or read online? If you like books, we recommend the print version. If you don’t mind reading online text and want the ease of portability, get the online version.
Career Choices and Changes Workbook (Softcover): This option provides a softcover copy of the print version of the Career Choices and Changes workbook. (This does not provide access to
License to Only: This option provides a license to if you already have a copy of the workbook but do not have access to
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Career Choices and Changes is an interactive, experiential program that teaches a process for making not only career choices but life choices, as well.

Career Choices and Changes is unique because:

  • It features a step-by-step workbook/journal format, helping individuals discover for themselves the careers that match their
  • Rather than using didactic copy like many traditional career planning books, Career Choices and Changes asks questions, allowing readers to contemplate their own unique qualities and desires.
  • Career Choices and Changes introduces a process for career and lifestyle decision-making that can be used over and over again, thereby empowering individuals to successfully navigate a lifetime of workplace and personal change.

By the culmination of the program, each individual will have identified an ideal career and developed a comprehensive plan for obtaining it. Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time, contemplating a midlife career change, or transitioning into a new life/career phase, Career Choices and Changes will help you evaluate your skills, desires, and values and integrate them into a plan for realizing your dreams.

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Dr. James R. Campbell
This approach to assist young people in making wise career choices remains the premier educational aide in its field. Too often overlooked by educators, deciding on who you are, what you want, and how to get it, is the psychological key that generates creativity and the necessity for learning. After all, why learn if there is no reason!

Midwest Book Review
The collaborative work of Mindy Bingham and Sandy Stryker, Career Choices and Changes: A Workbook for Discovering Who You Are, What You Want, and How to Get It, provides the reader with an effective and very highly recommended personalized decision making process that will enable the reader to answer the fundamental questions of Who am I?, What do I want?, and How do I get it? Presented in a journal format, the text is thoroughly accessible, occasionally humorous, and turns a serious quest into a practical, non-intimidating, and fun adventure of self-discovery and short-term/long-term life goal planning for anyone at any time of life from 18 to 68. Career Choices and Changes is especially commended to the attention of anyone seeking to increase their self-knowledge, assess their preferred work style and occupational environment, in need of insight and advice on keeping their life in balance, solving problems, setting goals, making decisions, taking risks, tolerating anxiety, and promoting the skills and attitudes fundamentally necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing and always challenging marketplace.

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