A Nationally-Acclaimed Program
Founded in 1990, Academic Innovations is best known for its nationally-acclaimed CareerChoices curriculum, cutting-edge classroom technology, relevant professional development and mission-driven customer service.

As the first commercial, academically-based interdisciplinary curriculum, the Career Choices series mainstreams career guidance themes into the English, math, and social science classrooms. Used in more than 4,000 schools nationwide, it has been remarkably successful at motivating students to make high school meaningful and take their educations--and futures--seriously.

Fueled by an unrelenting passion to help educators see every teenager through to self-sufficient adulthood, Academic Innovations delivers on its promise to be a high-tech, high touch partner to anyone in throws of revolutionizing America's high schools.

Please watch the featured videos below, and then visit these links to learn more about the curriculum, My10yearPlan.com®, and the Freshman Transition Initiative: