We want light-bulb moments to happen.
The My 10-year Plan process is designed to draw the best out of students, with carefully planned activities that help them think about their future possibilities. Throughout this interactive experience our digital coach provides key moments to guide them in their decision making process.

My Skills Inventory

As an interactive learning tool, the Skills Inventory is the foundation for building a meaningful Education Plan. Students use this dynamic document to add or compare current skills with their chosen career, which gives them an opportunity to evaluate what industry-specific skills are necessary to reach their career objectives.

MY 10-year plan Summary

As a key takeaway document of the My 10-year Plan process, this summary provides a shareable snapshot of a student's dreams, goals, and plans. Many students find it useful to share their summaries with counselors, instructors, advisors, employers, and family members.

Career Interest Survey

Choosing a career path is probably the second-most important decision anyone makes. After all, most people spend at least fifty percent of their waking hours working for up to 40 years. Based on the Occupational Information Network's (O*NET) career categories, the Career Interest Survey drills down to the specifics and gives the students a broad view of what may or may not be required to obtain a position in their chosen field.

Bulls-eye Chart

Getting what you want starts with knowing who you are. This principle of self-discovery is addressed through the Personal Profile Activity where students use a digital bulls-eye chart to discover their own passions, values, personality and strengths; skills and aptitudes; roles, occupations, and vocations.

Digital Coach

While the students are given autonomy to make their own decisions, they often need some extra coaching on the whys, whats and hows involved with a 10-year plan. For example, if a student selected to be a instructor for their chosen career than their lifestyle choices should also reflect an instructor's salary. Over the years, as thousands of students have been through the My 10-year Plan process, we've found the critical places where additional coaching may be necessary to help them through the planning process.