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Why Every Student Needs a 10-year
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Why Every Student Needs a 10-year Career & Education PlanZoom

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If the Career Choices curriculum is not currently being taught in your child’s school, please contact us so we can help get it there!


In 10 years will your teenagers be thriving in careers that match their passions and abilities? Or will they still be relying on you for support while they struggle to define what they want to do with their lives?

You may be thinking, "My child can barely see past Saturday night, let alone what life will look like in 10 years!" Not to worry. Using the Career Choices curriculum, your child will be exploring a step-by-step decision-making process that will help them articulate the answers to three questions: Who am I? What do I want? How do I get it?

Through this process, your student will be challenged to envision a future that includes:
  • Graduation from high school
  • Matriculation and graduation from post-secondary education or training
  • Transition into the workforce with the training and skills necessary for economic self-sufficiency
Career Choices is designed to help ALL kids deal with the two major tasks of adolescence:
establishing and consolidating their identity and deciding what they want to do with their lives. Each of the more than 100 active-learning activities builds on the ones before and, when documented in the Workbook and Portfolio, students can easily compile their plans and store them online using® to reassess, review, modify, or update for the duration of their time in high school.

As the class works through the Career Choices material, you can expect your child to come home with a lot of questions and comments about their own self-discovery process and what "reality" looks like for a self-sufficient adult. They'll be discussing everything from job interviews to mortgage payments to how to feed a family of four on a tight budget—so don’t be surprised if, at some point, you hear, "I had no idea how much money I cost you!" Please be prepared to listen and offer your insight, as your input and support will add a great deal of meaning to this wonderful process.

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