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Difference between My10yearPlan Essentials and My10yearPlan InteractiveThe cornerstone of the Career Choices experience is the development of a 10-year education, career, and life plan. My10yearPlan.com® provides an online planning area where the learner can enter the personal information from their Career Choices Workbook and Portfolio, making it easy to store and update the data related to the development of their 10-year plan.

An optional enhancement to the planning process, My10yearPlan.com® allows for two different levels of online access -- My10yearPlan Essentials and My10yearPlan Interactive.

My10yearPlan Essentials

The My10yearPlan.com® logo seen throughout Career Choices and Career Choices & Changes identifies those activities that are considered essential to the development of an online 10-year plan and portfolio.

Once the learner inputs the information completed in Career Choices or Career Choices & Changes, the My10yearPlan.com® system uses it to create a 10-year plan summary page. This overview provides a snapshot of the key goals and plans the learner has set for their education, finances, and lifestyle choices over the next decade.

By putting these essential artifacts from the planning process online, the learner also has the core pieces of their 10-year plan in a digital format that can streamline the process of compiling, editing, and producing a Career Portfolio.

My10yearPlan Interactive

The level of access available with My10yearPlan Interactive takes the digital planning experience a step further by providing an online home for ALL of the activities in Career Choices or Career Choices & Changes. Each step of the learner’s own unique self-discovery, decision-making, and personal planning process is outlined in My10yearPlan Interactive, so they have a complete, mobile record of who they are, what they want, and how they plan to get it.

While much of My10yearPlan Interactive mirrors the activities from Career Choices and Career Choices & Changes, the learner will also encounter some enhancements we’ve added. These functions within the My10yearPlan.com® system coach and prompt the learner through the process while providing a forum for practicing critical and strategic thinking skills.