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How it Works

Crucial to the effectiveness of My10yearPlan.com is the completion of a Career Choices course. After all, getting the average 13- or 14-year-old to project into the future 10 years requires a comprehensive guidance experience. Once students have completed the activities and exercises in their Workbook and Portfolio, they are ready to spend 2-3 hours entering the information they've collected about themselves into the fields required to build their 10-year plan online. For a list of the completed student workbook pages that feed into the online plans, click here.

Included in the online plan is the personal data and information necessary for developing a meaningful plan. This data is taken from 25 of the Workbook and Portfolio's 126 pages.

The program also includes a budget calculator, matching the exercise in Chapter 4 of Career Choices, that makes exploring a wide range of financial scenarios possible. This is particularly effective as students determine what kind of effort they want to put into their education and occupational preparation.

With the online worksheets filled out and saved, the web site carries the student's specific information to their own personal plan summary.

How to Use the Workbook & My10yearPlan.com Together

Advisory Options

Every teacher and administrator is then able to access the summary of each student's 10-year plan. Information that once would've been available after 20-30 minutes of reading through a student's completed Workbook and Portfolio is now available in seconds. Any teacher, counselor, or administrator with password-driven access can now gain a thorough understanding of a student's goals and ambitions by quickly retrieving their online plan and reviewing the summary. The accessibility of this information makes qualitative counseling and academic support easier to provide.

Click here for an example of how this advisory process might work.

Updating Strategies

Finally, during the course of their sophomore, junior, and senior years, students have the opportunity to update and revise their online plans as they reassess their goals. We recommend that one academic department commit to taking responsibility each year for facilitating this process. Click here for examples of how to incorporate this into 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade coursework.