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The cornerstone of the Career Choices experience is the development of a 10-year education, career, and life plan. My10yearPlan.com~ provides an online planning area where the learner can enter the personal information from their Career Choices Workbook and Portfolio, making it easy to store and update the data related to the development of their 10-year plan.

Why it's Needed
How to Use the Workbook & My10yearPlan.com® Together

The 10-year Plan

The School-wide InitiativeZoom
Every teacher and administrator is then able to access the summary of each student's 10-year plan. Information that once would've been available after 20-30 minutes of reading through a student's completed Workbook and Portfolio is now available in seconds. Any teacher, counselor, or administrator with password-driven access can now gain a thorough understanding of a student's goals and ambitions by quickly retrieving their online plan and reviewing the summary. The accessibility of this information makes qualitative counseling and academic support easier to provide.

Initial Steps for the School Site Executive for My10yearPlan.com®
CHART: My10yearPlan Essentials vs. My10yearPlan Interactive

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