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Frequently Asked Questions

Why it's needed

Most of our students are going to college. Why would they need a course like this?

Is it really possible to get the average 14-year-old to write a comprehensive 10-year plan for their future?

Why 10 years? Isn't four or five years enough? Our school has each student complete a four-year graduation plan.

How is a comprehensive guidance course different than a career exploration course?

Our school uses a software-based (or online) tool for helping students choose a career. Isn't that enough?

Pricing and set up

What is the cost of My10YearPlan.com?

What is a seat license and how does it work?

My10yearPlan.com stores a lot of very important information for students. Does Academic Innovations have a back-up plan for making sure this data isn't lost?

Who is responsible for creating student and instructor My10yearPlan.com accounts?

What personal student information is required to set up their accounts?

Who has access to a student's username and password?

Do parents or leagal guardians need to give their consent in order for their kids to use My10yearPlan.com?

A lot of our students change school from year to year or even mid-year. What happens to their data when they leave?

How much added work per week with My10yearPlan.com require of our instructors and the person we choose to be our School Site Executive?

How it works

Isn't it time consuming to have students complete a workbook and then re-enter everything at My10yearPlan.com?

Can we skip the Workbook and Portfolio and just use My10yearPlan.com?

Is My10yearPlan.com a mandatory part of the Career Choices curriculum?

Beyond the 10-year plan, what kinds of documents can students upload and store on My10yearPlan.com?

Does My10yearPlan.com have any data-reporting functions?

Can My10yearPlan.com (r) Interactive be used in a distance learning setting?

Generating buy-in

How do we convince parents of the need for this type of course for their teenagers when faced with the all-too-common refrain, "My child doesn't need this. They're going to college!"

We'd like parents more involved with their students' planning. What can we do?