Acceptable Use Policy for Students

1. I will use to learn.
2. I will enter serious responses onto the website.
3. I will use appropriate language while typing on the computer.
4. I will show respect for my classmates and their responses. Everyone's plans and goals will be different.
5. I will not copy, download or back up the website or any of its text or images.

6. I will not post any material from or the Career Choices and Changes curriculum onto any website, including my blog or Facebook page, and any message boards.
7. I will not use the contents of or the Career Choices and Changes curriculum for purposes not related to school.
8. I will not do anything to disrupt other students' experience with the website.

9. I will keep my password private. No one else may use my account.

10. I will back up my responses to a PDF file by using the site's archive feature.
I further agreed as per my prior agreement to use of this website, to act in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy for Students.  I also agree that any identified misuse of the website will constitute a breach of my contract and my account may be permanently closed and deleted by Academic Innovations with no resulting compensation back to me. In addition I agree to be held liable for expenses for any malicious conduct.